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LáserOcular Clinic Vision

Our philosophy is to offer a personalised service by ophthalmologists of recognised prestige and with years of experience, modern facilities equipped with the latest technology.

We have the most advanced equipment to eye level and all this with best price nationwide in refractive surgery Laser and implant Visian ICL lens and cataract surgery. We have the human personnel and the necessary technology to diagnose and treat other eye diseases such as retinal diseases (macular holes, retinal membranes, the retinal detachment), strabismus, Keratoconus, conjunctiva and eyelids; and a special attention in the treatment of macular degeneration age with presbyopia surgery.

We are leaders in Extremadura in number of implants made with Multifocal lenses for presbyopia and implants with ICL lens for correction of high myopia and astigmatism.

Team doctor: Dr. Santiago Cerpa Manito, Dr. Manuel Moriche Carretero and Dr. José Antonio Lillo Bravo.


Láserocular Clinic Vision Badajoz. C/ Godofredo Ortega Muñoz,27. 06011.Badajoz .

Tel. (+34) 924  231 150

Láserocular Clinic Vision Mérida. Avenida Reina Sofía, 24. 06800. Mérida.

Tel. (+34) 924 300 100

Email: clinicavision15@hotmail.com
Web: www.laserocular.es