EHQ becomes part of the Cluster Spanish Health Tourism

February 01, 2016
From February 1, 2016 Extremadura Health Quality begins to form part of Spanish Tourism Cluster of Health.

Under the Spaincares brand, strategic alliance of the tourism and health in Spain, are offered better health services while you can enjoy excellent tourist infraesctructuras.

This large business alliance guarantees a comprehensive and competitive service in the best conditions of price and quality. Therefore, this association provides its guests hospitals, balenarios, centers that undergo medical treatment or intervention, and hotels to stay. In addition to complementary services that make the stay in Spain as comfortable as possible.

Extremadura Health Quality is part of this partnership thanks to among others, has the following objectives:

- Confirm Extremadura as a destination for quality medicine at the national and international levels.
- To facilitate the patient care process.
- Improving quality by conducting joint actions.
- Collaborate with companies and collective social health and tourism sectors.
- Promote programs of research, innovation and training as a contribution to the progress of the scientific community.

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