Luso-espanish business meeting

June 23, 2016

The Chamber of trade of Badajoz and the camera of trade Luso Spanish in collaboration with and Extremadura Health Quality, have organized yesterday in Lisbon the lunch of the meeting of business “Camerforum PortugalDay: opportunities commercial between Spain and Portugal for them sectors ICT, health and tourism”.

He event told with the presence of several entrepreneurs, personalities outstanding of it sphere economic and political Portuguese and Spanish and with the presence of a guest of honor as Mr.Eduardo Cabrita, Minister Deputy of the Government Portuguese, also attended Juan Manuel of Barandica, Ambassador of Spain in Portugal and Mrs. Miriam Garcia heads, Secretariat of culture of it Board of Extremadura. This meeting has been an important platform for communication between the two countries with the aim of promoting trade opportunities and participate in joint projects.

In October we will again be present at this event to have interviews with customers, suppliers or companies similar to our profile and try to create new agreements.






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