Values EHQ

EHQ : A step in the commitment to quality

Extremadura Health Quality is an association of clinics with similar policies of quality and continuous improvement, which considers that it is possible to take a step in the commitment to quality by belonging to an association thatcombines individual initiatives based on common values. These values , which define the association and each of its components are:

Commitment to dedication

We are dedicated to our clinics as the main activity and not as a secondary activity, providing continuous availability and full time attention.

Commitment to results

We care about solving the needs that our patients bring  to us and maintaining the confidence placed in us.

Commitment to scientific and technical quality and innovation

Our treatments are scientifically proven and innovative.

Commitment to perceived quality

The most personalized attention in the best facilities.

Ethical Commitment

Above all, we are ethical with the patient, with workers and other professionals .


With the group , with the profession and with the public.

Each of the participating clinics has a history of accredited quality and continuous improvement. However, membership in a group based on quality will have a multiplyingeffect , with the dual aim of improving and sharing information, strategies and joint actions , while proving Extremadura to be a multidisciplinary healthcare destination, channeling the volume of patients already going to different clinics throughout Extremadura, Spain and Portugal.